Club President Phil Miller’s N-Scale Jersey Central Lines- The Big Little Railroad

Our Club, The Mendocino Coast Model Railroad and Historical Society, was formed in 1996. Its first President was Phil Miller. Seventeen years later Phil is still President. For the seventeen years that he has been President Phil has led the club with grace, humor and incomparable optimism through the dark times when the club had few members, little money and no home, through being tossed out of two venues for little or no reason to the VERY successful opening of our layout to the public.

Phil was a very accomplished modeler. We visited his N-scale layout which stretched through three rooms of his home but once. We were entranced by a layout which included a working helix. Alas, the layout had to be dismantled but not before it was visited by the NMRA to be seen if it was be used as an example to others, a high honour indeed.

Phil was kind enough to share with us the written materials that remain of his layout, the Jersey Central Lines. Phil had a brochure he used to welcome visitors – see right above.

The layout had a printed Employee Rulebook!!!!! See left

What an inspiration he is!!!

Jersey Central Lines Rule book – Click to read it all