Fort Bragg Ordinance Depot

Club member Tony Phillips acquired a very incomplete layout from a defunct model shop in Willits soon after moving to Fort Bragg in 2000. Tony worked on the layout and with the help of club member Hank Simonson wired the layout. Tony also completed the basic scenery.

When Dan Micheals joined the club he told the members he wanted to build his own layout as well as assist on the club layout. Tony asked Dan if he would care to have the layout which had languished in his train room for the better part of five years. Dan agreed to take the layout and, as they say, the rest is history.

Dan’s working life was in the U.S. Army and he decided to turn Tony’s mundane layout base into the Fort Bragg Ordinance Depot. As you will see from the pictures below Dan has an incredible eye for detail and he has transformed the layout into a kaleidoscope of mini dioramas.

Dan's Fort Bragg Ordinance Depot
Dan's Fort Bragg Ordinance Depot

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