North Pole Lego Train

In 2004 Hank Simonson and Tony Phillips were asked by the Fort Bragg Friends of the Library to build a model train for a Seasonal Display. Hank and Tony decided to build a Lego Train that showed trains taking toys that the elves made at the North Pole to a secret location in Fort Bragg. Why? Because there were so many Santa couldn’t carry them all in his sleigh.

Hank and Tony built a snow covered mountain out of foam with caves to hold the toys that the elves made during the year. Hank wired lights into all of the caves so that the kids could see the toys by switching on the lights themselves (Disney Fort Bragg style!!).

Hank and Tony wrote up the story and posted it on the wall. Hank had fond memories of reading the story to the visiting kids. Here’s a couple of pics ……

North Pole Lego Train

Hank Simonson at work wiring the layout

The runway for Santa’s sleigh to land with skid marks
and working bulldozer to clear the snow