Southern Pacific in the 1950’s

Sean Hogan, one of Fort Bragg’s eminent lawyers has been working for several years on an HO layout which solely features Southern Pacific’s operations in the 1950’s. The choice of the 1950’s enables Sean to prototypically have both diesel and steam running side by side just as they really did in the 1950’s. Sean has recently had a professionally painted backdrop by local artist Tom Burnap added to the layout which has really enhanced the “reality” of the layout.

Click the photo right to see a slideshow of Sean’s layout

Using books like the one far left, Sean details his diesels (and locos) to be the spitting image of the real thing – see left. On the model and in the picture, look at the headlight and front markings – these are modifications that Sean made himself.

Sean also re-engines his diesels and locos to make them more powerful and run smoother/better – see photo right

Sean has “kitbashed” two enginehouses into one to accommodate the extra long cab-forwards – see photos below:

The scenery is superbly detailed and Sean has been greatly helped in its construction by Doug Hammerstrom. Sean’s track is a masterpiece – every joint is soldered and there is an electrical lead about every three feet. See picture gallery on the left.

Click the photo on left to see a slideshow of Sean’s layout

Sean owns an original signed copy of Spencer Crumps’s book on the Skunk train.