Shipbuilders of the Wooden Armada that served the Mendocino Doghole Ports from 1850 to 1925.

There were few but a few shipbuilders – we have counted but 43 – along the Pacific Coast. Initially the shipbuilders were located around San Francisco Bay using lumber within easy reach of San Francisco. However, when word of the enormous stands of Douglas fir around Humboldt Bay became known Hans Bendixsen, the most prolific shipbuilder, moved there. Other shipbuilders (Rolf) joined him and Bendixsen taught others. When more enormous fir stands were found in Oregon shipbuilding began there (North Bend and Tacoma) and when the fir stands of Washington began coming to market shipbuilding centres opened in Hoquiam, Seattle and Winslow.

Lumber Schooner at Work

The ships they built were some of the handsomest working sailing ships ever constructed anywhere. Here’s a sampling of the many photos we have collected whilst researching the ships that served the doghole ports of the Mendocino Coast.

Schooner Charles R. Wilson