Colin Menzies and His Incredible Models

Colin was a fireman all his life. He and his wife, Diane lived in Willits. He was a gentleman and the finest model builder I have known. I met Colin when I admired a model of his which was on display in the (now gone) model train store in Willits, and was told I could meet the builder ‘cos he lived down the road. Colin was kind enough to build models for me as well as be “doc” to some of my ailing model machines.

Colin started building models in the fire station during down time. One fire station in Los Angeles, in which he served, contains a collection of models of all the fire engines that were ever used from that station.

Colin built his models from photographs which he would turn into beautiful hand drawn plans. His model of Point Cabrillo that we have on our layout was built from photos that I took for him. His models were built largely from styrene which is a type of plastic. Colin had the patience of Job.

Colin, sadly, died in 2008 aged 68.

Below is a list of the pages in this website where you can see examples of his incredible workmanship.

Tony Phillips