Louis Hough

Louis magnificently served for many years as our Train Society’s secretary. He was, almost single handedly, the “Historical” part of our group.

Louis has written many excellent articles for the Mendocino Beacon over the years on the ships that plied the waters off the Mendocino Coast. This article describes the prestigious award Louis received from the Karl Kortum Endowment for Maritime History along with the story behind the articles that Louis has penned.

The crowning glory of Louis’ scholarship is the publication of his book, A Fleet to be forgotten, which was published by the San Francisco Maritime Museum. The genesis of the book is described in the attached article.

We are particularly indebted to Louis for the articles and booklet he authored on the schooners that plied their trade in doghole ports of the Mendocino Coast. Without his research the section of this web site on how the early mill towns were supplied and their products taken to market would be almost non-existent.

Louis also wrote articles about the railroads and towns of the Mendocino Coast that we have used as invaluable sources in the creation of this web site.

We are very proud to have such an eminent local historian in our Society’s midst.

Articles used herein written by Louis:

Point Cabrillo:

Point Cabrillo plans birthday party for Saturday

98 next week and still bright and vigorous


Recalling a rugged, bustling Rockport

Rockport redwood to the rescue

Rockport’s revival, recovery and restoration

Redwood cargoes to Dixie – 


Where horses once walked the plank – read here

The stories of Flumeville and Rollerville – read here


The history of the Skunk Train – read here
Daisy – the pufferbelly who could and did

Remembering locomotives Molly and Dinkey


Helen Drew


1907 Fire destroys Sotoyme schooner at sea – 

Built for profit, not for speed – 

Building the Sotoyme – 

On Shaky Ground –Devastation of the 1906 Earthquake

The Breeches Buoy: For the Ride of Your Life – read here


They parted the forest and out rolled the schooner SOTOYOME
A Fleet to be Forgotten, published by the San Francisco Maritime Museum.